My first book of the year…

So sad… it’s end of August and I just finished my first book of the year.  Last year, regardless of how much I worked, I was still able to make time to read.  Somehow this year, I couldn’t get inspired to read more than the Buffy comics.  Very sad indeed, but my first book back (a David Sedaris) made me LOL from beginning to end.  Ah… I miss reading.  Ready for something hardier now!
On an unrelated note, as I was driving across 520 stuck in traffic, the thought occurred to me that having kids is a great way to avoid traffic.  You get to use the carpool lane!  I was reminded of a time a number of years ago when my then bf & I borrowed one of his nephews so we could use the carpool lane to get across 520.  His parents weren’t headed where we were going, but they needed to cross the bridge too.  Good thing they had two sons — one for each car.  We happily crossed the bridge, passing by all the suckers stuck in non-HOV lane.  After we crossed and headed up I-5 a bit, we pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway, where we opened the door and let the rugrat toddle back to his parents’ car.  We did bring the car to a full stop and let him out on the side furthest from traffic… safety first!

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