My mypressi – Day 44

Extraction #??


  • Coffee: 21 grams (3 Tbsp)
  • Grind: 3rd notch



Taste Evaluation:

  • MER: 3 out of 5 (a little sour)
  • This shot probably would have tasted better if it was not Starbucks roast… bleh.  I have another bag to go through and then I can move on to either Seattle’s Best or Peet’s… both of which I already have stocked in my freezer. =)

Next Time:

  • ~25g of coffee (2.5 Tbsp)

Since I’m at a finer grind, that has increased my extraction time and given me good color on the crema but now I’m slightly overextracted.  I think i’ll get better results w/ less grounds.  We’ll see tomorrow…

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