My mypressi – Day 2

Results from pull #3 and #4 (Should have taken a picture of #1 and #2 but oh well.)
This morning                                     This evening
14 mins – total prep and clean-up       7-8 mins – basically the time to boil the water
Extraction #3
   – Lowest "Fine" grind (same from first 2 extractions)
   – Double shot basket
   – barely has any crema at all, so not even on the chart.
Extraction #4
   – Middle setting between "Extra Fine" and "Fine"
   – Single shot basket
   – Light crema (the first image) = either I need finer grind or harder tamp.  hopefully it’s not a matter of low temperature because sadly, that’s just the reality of the mypressi.  I’m pre-heating 2 of 3 elements – filter handle and water bowl.  I haven’t been preheating the filter basket but I might need to move towards doing that.  It increases the potential of burning myself since I’d need to pick it up and place it into the filter handle.  I’m doing a fresh boil after everything is assembled, so everything is almost as hot as it can possibly get.
A couple of things I learned / need to try out tomorrow:
  • I’m filling too much water in the bowl
  • I’m going to preheat the basket
  • More careful measurement of coffee — 7 grams (1 tbsp) for single and 14 grams (2 tbsp) for double
  • Need to practice teh 30-40lb tamp.  I’m getting a clean, dry puck and a steady stream during extraction, so I think I’m tamping correctly, but I should probably use a scale and measure it
  • I should start timing my extraction times to see if I’m in the 20-30 sec range – I think I’m in the neighborhood w/ #4.

Next opportunity for another trial run will be tomorrow am.  I think I might be at the end of the life of one N2O cartridge… no way to tell though.

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