Out with the old. In with the new…

5 Things I Miss about my Corolla:
  1. Outside temperature gauge.  I realized after it was gone that I always check the temperature every time I get into my car.  It’s a nice thing to know
  2. Seeing both ends.  I miss being able to see the ends of my car — makes parking so much easier.
  3. Gas tank reserve.  Even when I was below E, I still had 2-3 gallons which could get me 50-60 miles before I really needed to gas up.  E means E on the Civic
  4. Silver.  Covers so much pollen, dirt, cherry blossom petals.  Black is hard to keep clean
  5. Auto lights.  I never had to make a conscious decision to turn the lights on.  It was so convenient.

5 Things I Love about my Civic:

  1. The sound of the engine… it almost sounds like an electric car. 
  2. Horsepower.  The civic glides up to 70mph almost gracefully — the Corolla huffed and puffed its way up there rather resentfully.
  3. Black.  It just looks so cool.
  4. Digital spedometer and blue interior lights.  Again, very cool.
  5. Storage. There are so many compartments for storage — love it!


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