Monthly Archives: May 2009

The Perfect End…

I have been working since 8am this morning for a small dinner VNSF hosted for our most loyal and generous donors.  Here’s how my day looked:
7:30am     Woke up, got ready for the day
8:00am     Had breakfast
8:15am     Finalized the agenda/time table for the evening
9:00am     Headed to Ben Franklin to buy cardstock to print menu cards for the guests   
10:00am   Finalized menu cards, printed, and assembled them
11:30pm   Lunch while watching "Lie to Me"
1:00pm     Head to the hostesses house to help prepare the dinner
1:30pm     Started washing dishes, setting the table, chopping food, etc.
5:30pm     Dinner service begins and for the next 6 hours I was on my feet – prepping food, plating dishes, cutting garnishes, washing dishes, cleaning up
10:30pm   The last guest leaves and we start washing the last of the dishes, bag & box the nice silverware and dishes, wipe down all the tables, counters, etc.
11:30pm   Head home
12:00am    Turn on boob tube, poured bowl of cheetos, and start surfing to find something to watch and decompress.  On comes my all-time favorite movie…
The Princess Bride… I could not have chosen a better way to end such a LONG day.
Big thanks to our Chef and Hostess for donating a wonderful 5-course dinner for 10.  And many many thanks to my volunteers who came in shifts to help me out–I would have fainted from exhaustion if not for your help!
One more event tomorrow and then I have another 60-70hour work week to look forward to.  Woohoo!!

Out with the old. In with the new…

5 Things I Miss about my Corolla:
  1. Outside temperature gauge.  I realized after it was gone that I always check the temperature every time I get into my car.  It’s a nice thing to know
  2. Seeing both ends.  I miss being able to see the ends of my car — makes parking so much easier.
  3. Gas tank reserve.  Even when I was below E, I still had 2-3 gallons which could get me 50-60 miles before I really needed to gas up.  E means E on the Civic
  4. Silver.  Covers so much pollen, dirt, cherry blossom petals.  Black is hard to keep clean
  5. Auto lights.  I never had to make a conscious decision to turn the lights on.  It was so convenient.

5 Things I Love about my Civic:

  1. The sound of the engine… it almost sounds like an electric car. 
  2. Horsepower.  The civic glides up to 70mph almost gracefully — the Corolla huffed and puffed its way up there rather resentfully.
  3. Black.  It just looks so cool.
  4. Digital spedometer and blue interior lights.  Again, very cool.
  5. Storage. There are so many compartments for storage — love it!


Martha Van?

I’m snacking on organic vanilla yogurt topped with fresh homemade strawberry puree and homemade granola while I wait for my strawberry fruit leather to finish drying in the oven.  Yum!  There’s a little Martha Stewart in me afterall.  =)

My new baby…

So… I recently did my part to stimulate the economy by going further into debt with a new car!  Nothing special or extraordinary like a hybrid or a Smart car… just a reliable, safe Civic.   The morning after I bought the car, I was up til 1am contemplating my drive into work, where the best place to park is, etc.  I don’t know when I finally fell asleep but I was awake — bright and alert — at 5am.   I was on the road by 6am and driving it hard (to break it in properly).  Felt nice to floor it and go "full throttle".  It drives much much smoother than my old Corolla. 
What I can’t get used to is not being able to see the ends of my car.  What am I supposed to do?  Use the force?  I’m horrible at "knowing" my car and just "sensing" its dimensions.  I’ve never gotten into an accident or tapped a car or object and I think I owe that perfect record in large part to the fact that I could see both ends of my Corolla.  I can’t see nothin’ but road when I look outside my car.   Sure, that’s kind of cool, but it’s not like I’m driving a Smart car and there really isn’t anymore car beyond the windows.  Let’s just say, it’ll be a while before I parallel park anywhere that’s for sure.  I joked w/ my friend Kim that I should afix a banner or flag in the front and back so I can see where the car ends.
Et voila… my new baby…