Daily Archives: April 2, 2009

Wild Nights!

… the book!  Not my life.  =)
I FINALLY finished Wild Nights (the only good thing about being home sick).  It was.. eh.  I had such high hopes for this book… searched high and low for it and was so excited to get it as a present from M.  It’s essentially 5 fictional short stories about the last days of famous authors, e.g. Mark Twain.  I only really liked 1 of them and the rest were ok.  They were just too weird.  I’m hoping the rest of my reading list pans out well.  I’m going to try "Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom" next.  If it’s a slow read, I’m pulling out the big guns and whipping out Twilight. 
iPhones… I can’t tell if I’m jealous or annoyed by the iPhone phenomena.  Every time I see an email w/ "this was sent from an iPhone", I have a reaction.  It’s likely that email was sent by someone who was ignoring the people right in front of them to mindlessly tap tap tap on their iPhone.  Granted, if it’s to answer an email from me, is that really a crime?  Probably not.  I guess that settles it; I’m jealous.  I’ll be anxiously awaiting to get it as a present from someone… anyone.