I just can’t accept change… yet

There have been a lot of changes the past 12 months…
  • i changed jobs
  • i changed roles on the vnsf board
  • the nation got a new president
  • my 401k is paltry and quite frankly frighteningly meager that I don’t even check anymore
  • my msft stock is all underwater, making me wish i sold it all at 31 when i wanted to
  • there have been big lay offs at my company
  • i no longer work for my favorite manager
  • i have a new manager who’s really cool
  • facebook has a life of its own and i don’t think i like it
  • joss whedon has a new tv series
  • two of my friends are now moms
  • one of my closest friends is engaged (YAY!!)
  • the economy is in the pooper
  • I have friends who are recently unemployed
  • the economy being in the pooper makes me hesitate everytime i feed my sbux addiction
  • i eat vegan/vegetarian almost voluntarily
  • my triglycerides went up 10 pts… i blame all the food on the asia tour

That’s a heck of a lot of change!  But I can roll with all those changes… life happens, you just gotta deal.  However, there’s one change I can’t yet accept — the LITERAL kind!  I sprained my wrist and as a result can’t rotate my right hand enough to accept change.  Seriously… I can’t rotate my hand more than 20 degrees past a handshake w/o starting to contort my entire arm followed by my body.  So sad (pathetic).  What’s more sad is that the injury has sidelined my volleyball.  =(

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