A good month for VNSF

I had a GREAT vnsf day! 
First, I picked up the VNSF mail and we got a lot of money!  This doesn’t always happen.  First, we have an upcoming event (that you should go to if you can — the Long Restaurant Opening).  I was happy to see so many registrations.  Yay!  There’s still space, so go online and register now.   Second, we got a bunch of microsoft giving and matching from last year’s benefit event and giving campaign.   Double YAY!!  Money coming into the organization is always a good feeling.  Big, huge thank you to all the VNSF donors and supporters.  In particular, those of you who do payroll deduction — that level of committment to our organization is amazing and much appreciated.
Second, I found an event planner!!  I’m so excited.  I posted on volunteermatch.com for some positions on my Fundraising Committee and I got 3 responses.  I scheduled a meeting with 2 and met one of them this evening.  She’s energetic, passionate, and seems reliable.  She’s volunteered before, she’s run clubs and organizations and she’s passionate about event planning.  O… I could barely contain my excitement!  I’m SO looking forward to working with her.  I have had trouble recruiting for my committee before but I have high hopes for my new recruit.  I’m so jazzed.  It’s nice when you’re recruiting and you find that perfect fit.  It’s exciting!! Yay yay yay… what a good day!  Open-mouthed

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