It grows…

Just got back from Half Priced Books… I picked up about half my reading list but then found a few more.  That’s the problem w/ me and bookstores… I always walk out the door with something I didn’t plan to get.  And just being in the bookstore triggered the memory of a book I’d heard on NPR that I made a mental note I wanted to read.  Then driving home from the bookstore, NPR was broadcasting a lecture Richard Florida gave in Seattle about his new book and he mentioned the book "Stumbling on Happiness", which I’ve started and have yet to finish, so that should go on the list too.  Interestingly, I did bring it back to VA with me in the event I finished my other book early.  It happens to have a dollar bill as a bookmark and you’d think that getting that dollar bill back would be incentive to finish the book but it’s not.  Maybe I should start using 20’s as bookmarks.  =)
So, here’s my revised list:
  • Everything is Illuminated  (*)
  • Bartimaeus Trilogy  (*)
  • Twilight
  • Perfume Dreams
  • The Last Lecture
  • Dear First Lady: Letters to the White House
  • Kiln People  (*)
  • Catfish and Mandala
  • The Time Traveler’s Wife  (*)
  • Seeing Vietnam
  • Leave it to Psmith
  • Wild Nights
  • Stumbling on Happiness (*)
  • Monkey Bridge (*)
  • The Tapestries (*)
  • That’s 17 books in the next 6.5 months if I really do intend to read them all by the end of the year.  That would be 3 books a month practically… not sure I can swing that but I’m gonna try!

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