Progress check on 2008 goals

Well, it’s been 6 mos… how am I doing against my goals?
1) Family & Friends
I don’t call home any more often than I did before, but I’m committed to 2 visits back to Virginia plus a trip to Viet Nam w/ my parents, so I think that should count for something. =)
Friends… spending good, quality time with my various friend circles here in Seattle.  Not doing such a great job w/ friends back East.  =(
2) Non-profit work
VNSF has pretty much become my second job.  I probably put in 10-30 hours a week and I haven’t grown tired of it yet!  The website this year has been my chief accomplishment.  I’m jazzed that we have an informative site that’s relative easy for anyone to update.  We even have a volunteer who has been trained and empowered to own certain pieces of content on the site.  Love it!  A close second would be the success of the Volleyball Tournament / Summer Picnic, which hopefully will be out-shadowed by the Annual Benefit Dinner on September 5th — save the date! 
I’m learning a lot about fundraising, recruiting, and just tips on how to "work a room" and talk about VNSF.  Recruiting and just spreading awareness about the organization is TOUGH!  Beyond that, there’s morale of the organization that needs to be maintained.  I’m a naturally organized and analytical person and I tend to lead in that fashion.  However, one of the leadership styles I feel I need to learn to cultivate better is the emotional/social style of leadership.  I first need to understand what motivates/drives people and to use the leadership style best suited for that.  I fully expect it to take years and years for me to truly learn this skill and then years on top of that to apply it successfully.
3) Entrepreneurship
Given the economic climate, this has been put on hold.  A lot of my non-profit work is helping me build skills that I think will apply.  I also just need to focus my efforts and as I find my fulfillment and enjoyment rising in my volunteer work, I’m learning that maybe what I want to ultimately do is be a philanthropist.
4) Me
  • Reading – I’ve compiled a list of reading based on recommendations from friends and ppl I’ve met.  I think it’s a good spread
  • Travel – planning to go to Viet Nam this year and I’m planning a trip w/ Myha for next year
  • Better physical shape – back to playing volleyball 3-5 days a week
  • Swim or Ski – no progress yet, but I still have 6 mos to go

So far… I’m doing ok… not great, but ok.


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