Now I can breathe…

Yesterday was the big VNSF Volleyball Tournament and Summer Picnic (photos posted here:  After a long, anxious week filled with checking the weather every 2 hours and VNSF meetings every other day, we got perfect weather for both events.  It was perfectly overcast and just the right temperature for the volleyball tourney.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better.  It made 5 hours of volleyball not just bearable but actually quite pleasurable beyond just the enjoyment of volleyball.  Most of us lingered to play another few hours of volleyball even after the tournament by which time it started to actually get sunny (hot) and extremely windy. 
I’m sore all over from 7+ hours of volleyball, but I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than to play volleyball with my friends and all for a good cause to boot!  =)
The picnic was also a great success.  It was intentionally planned for the same day and co-located with the tournament to give the volleyball players free food after a long day of volleyball.  It couldn’t have worked out better!  And I think the volleyball players were grateful for the food.  The picnic site was close enough we could grab food and bring it right back to the volleyball courts for some more volleyball.  What made the picnic a success though was all the wonderful food people brought!  It was quite a feast and we darn near finished it all!!
I have to say, on the day of these events, I had the fortune to just play in the tournament (since one team was short and couldn’t find a 4th player) and really just hang out with my friends (who made up most of the other teams that played… and in fact, though not necessarily my friends, I’ve played with or against most of the other teams who signed up for the tourney).  I have to thank my wonderful board members for running the show yesterday…
Uyen, who basically set everything up, got a lot of the food, etc.
Paul, who kept score and helped me run the volleyball tournament and then later help set up the picnic
Vu, who was everywhere and did everything — from picking up last minute items, photographed the events, helped keep score, and most importantly manned the grill — though a vegan, he grilled korean bbq ribs, chicken and hot dogs to perfection!
Sindy, our board advisor, who brought food, provided moral support and entertained the guests. 
It was really nice to just have a fun picnic with out supporters that wasn’t about fundraising and just about having fun!
And now that these events are over, bright and early this morning, I’m meeting with my fundraising committee to continue planning our big event of the year — the 4th Annual Benefit Dinner — September 5th at the Burke Museum — mark your calendars!!

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