Go Roomba Go!

Feeling a bit under the weather, so I’ve decided to spend the day at home.  I decided to take my Roomba on a test drive, so I’ve unleashed it on my living room.  I’m trying to stay focused on the VNSF stuff I’m doing but it’s actually really entertaining to watch my Roomba make its way around my room.  It twirls and spins and goes in unpredictable directions until it bumps into some furniture and will roll right off in a different direction in an almost carefree manner. 
Probably more amusing is Rocky’s reaction… he hasn’t taken his eyes off the Roomba the whole time!  He’s settled himself as high as he can (which is on my dining table) and from his safe perch he’s kept a watchful eye on Mr. Roomba, occassionally moving around the table for a better vantage point.  Rocky would make a good soldier. =)
On a completely separate note — Clinton finally conceded her candidacy for president.  That must have been tough — the whole thing… what a tough loss.  I’m a little saddened by it all;  I was behind her up ’til the end.  She would be a great president and maybe this is a flaw in my own logic and thinking but I really believe we need someone who knows what they’re doing and has experience doing it.  For two candidates who share most of the same political positions, it just seems more obvious to me that you’d pick the person who has more political experience.  Obama does speak to some very idealistic changes he’d like to usher into Washington politics and the energy and new interest he’s stirred up is awesome.  I hope he assembles a really experienced and wise staff around him.

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