Daily Archives: June 2, 2008

Life is Good

I feel lucky that I’ve made good choices and fallen into good luck.  I have awesome friends.  The volunteer work I do brings me meaning and purpose that extends beyond me and my own needs.  That’s so important to me that I feel slightly guilty it took me so long before finally choosing to devote myself to giving back.  I love Seattle.  My new addiction to volleyball is really cool — it’s nice to have something I’m extremely passionate about.  I love that it’s something I can do competitively but know that just getting to play at all is really where the joy is for me.  I enjoy my job and the people I work with.   I love my family and while I do miss being near them I’m glad I’m able to visit them several times a year.
It makes me wonder where my life would be if I had made a couple of different choices in my life.  What would my life be like today if
… I took the job at John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Maryland? 
… I never went to Malay Satay Hut for lunch w/ D 5 years ago? 
… I never took a road trip w/ S to Yellowstone?
… I left Microsoft 3 years ago when I got offered that job as a Senior Interaction Designer?  
… I didn’t join S’s beach vball team 2 summers ago?
Who knows… it just goes to show that a small decision that seems so inconsequential at the moment could have such a life-altering impact.  Call it smart choices, call it destiny, call it luck… whatever it is; I’m happy.  Life is Good. 🙂