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Memorial Day Weekend Day 2

In the morning, I got some chores around the house done, but I could see the sun peaking out so texted the gang to see if they were up for more vball!  Sadly they weren’t so instead we did the next best thing… played MJ!  I lost some and I won some and it wasn’t until my stomach was growling that we realized we’d been playing for over SIX hours and it was close to 10pm!!  As always, we turned to our comfort food — Chinese food!  Mmmmm.
Our last day off… I started the morning strong with lots of really productive VNSF work… some DB changes to the website but more importantly liability analysis based on the 152 new students we’re taking this year.  I’m really happy that even though we nearly doubled the number of students we had, our program expenses are still manageable and we won’t be overburdened with impossibe fundraising goals.  We’re going to start a policy to keep a reserve so if we don’t meet our fundraising goals in any given year we can still fulfill our committment to our kids.  It was looking overcast and cloudy outside, so I was more than happy to chill at home and get some more VNSF or house work done but then I get a call from D… it’s sunny on Alki!  Beach Vball it is!
The four of us meet out on Alki and we play the hardest 2.5 hours of beach volleyball yet.  That court is HUGE when you’re playing 2’s.  There was another group playing 2’s and they were hard-core.  They started before and ended after us… and they were jump-serving and spiking left and right.  I think at one point I stopped jumping for my hits and just took the ball standing (which was probably more effective since my timing on my jumps is off).  We did a rematch of girls vs boys and this time didn’t fair so well.  We played best of 3 and lost 2-1.  =(  Oh well… can’t win them all.   Next time, we’ll take down the D’s!!
Overall, an awesome weekend!  I’m glad the weather ended up being nice and we stayed in Seattle for it.  It wasn’t quite the relaxing, shopping and eating-filled weekend that it would have been if we went up the vancouver, but I think it turned out even better! 

Memorial Day Weekend – Part 1

Instead of heading out of town, we all decided to stay in Seatlle for some good local fun…
  • Buddha Ruksa one of my favorite favorite restaurants!  Mmm mmm… good!
  • Poker… still mad D made his flush after I fatten the pot with a bunch of people who should have folded… respect the bet!!  =)
  • Golden Compass… good movie… great book
Saturday – a good day for girls!
  • Picnic on Alki… more yummy!
  • Beach volleyball!  Oh yeah!  beautiful weather — perfect for volleyball.  would have played another hour or two if it weren’t for the fact that I had a VNSF mtg.  We played 4’s, 3’s and finally TWO’s!!  Amazing that our legs held up for 2’s.  What’s sweeter is we played girls vs. guys.  S & I were about 5 or 6 points down but came back against the D’s for a 15-13 victory, which made me UNDEFEATED for the day!!  WOOHOO!!
  • VNSF meeting to select the new students for 2008-9.  I got there an hour late (what can I say, it’s hard to pull yourself off the beach when it’s 70’s, sunny and volleyball) and it took 4 hours, but we made our final selection of 152 kids.  We’ll be admitting 91 girls into our program!  Of course, gender had nothing to do with our final selection process, but I was happy to see so many girls get supported.  Overall, we had more girls apply for our scholarship, so it makes sense.  My heart goes out to the young girls because they are sold into brothels, trafficked across the border or sold into marriage more often than boys are.

I had a thought this morning that I’m really happy about where my life is at.  I’ve made some pretty critical, life-altering changes in my life over the past 5 years and I’m happy about all of them.  I made the decision to give back to Viet Nam and my work with VNSF has brought a lot of meaning to my life.  I’ve picked up volleyball and that’s just goodness all around — it’s a good vent for my competitive nature, good exercise and a good time with friends.  And I’ve changed jobs, which I look forward to every day.  I’ve learn to take some time for myself and pamper myself from time to time.  I spend less money on stuff I don’t need and more on things that have meaning either for someone I love or for myself.  If I could work in a gym routine, that would be money.  =)


What a great weekend!!

Such a great weekend!!  As always, PK broght the sun when he came to town and boy did we take advantage!  We got in about 3-3.5 hours of beach volleyball on Alki yesterday, which was hot Hot HOT!  With a forcast of 70’s and sun, I eagerly rallied everyone for another 3 hours today.  Maybe a bit too eagerly seeing as how some people didn’t appreciate the text message at 7:40am.  But I knew they couldn’t resist.  This weekend was the first warm, sunny, rain-free weekends of the year and you gotta milk the sun for every drip of its rays when it comes.  First time out on the sand this year and it felt oh so GOOD!  We had 3 or 4 "last games".  Finally we decided we’d play until we run out of water.  I can already feel the addiction starting…
D commented we should try to play 2’s; I told him he was insane.  He rebutted that we’ve gotten a lot better.   And he’s right.  When I think back to our very first summer beach league 2 years ago and compare it to where we’re at now, we’ve actually come a long way from the "just get it over" strategy.  Granted, sometimes that’s our rally cry even now, but much less often. =)
Today, we started with 6’s, dwindled to 4’s and when we were left with 6 people total, we had to decide — call it a day or play 3’s.  Well… the sun was still out, so the answer was obvious… we play 3’s.  That court is SOO big when you look around and there’s only two other people on the court with you.   Boy did we have to hustle!  I was probably in the sand every other point.  I’ll pay for it tomorrow when I’m all sore & achy, but it was well worth it!
As if all the vball wasn’t enough, I got to have brunch with an old friend I haven’t seen in a while.  It was good to catch up again and hopefully we don’t go so long w/o seeing each other.  Ty & I made some good progress on our new biz idea.  And I even managed to get some VNSF work done!  A fun AND productive weekend.  Gotta love it!

Not for kids…

We went to see Margaret Cho after the ICHS benefit dinner tonight… HILARIOUS!!!
Her closing was a song… she’s got a pretty good voice!  Warning: the song isn’t exactly G rated, so if you’re near kids or co-workers you might want to put on headphones before clicking play.  =)