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The Golden Compass

I liked the first book so much I finished the rest of the series.  All-in-all, I liked the whole series.  Lots of action, lots of drama. The only thing I didn’t like was that the storylines started splitting from the second book onwards.  I think at one point, you had to track 6 or 7 different plot lines.  They eventually all merged and overlapped here and there but it felt a little too fractured.  And the series got progressively more religious, which didn’t bother me too much but I could see it being a touchy subject for some people.

Random: My favorite comment from Sindy… driving back from dinner at one of her favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants, Sindy points out some of her favorite restaurants along the way.  She then says, "I love Dick’s" as we pass by "Dick’s Drive-in" (a hamburger joint).  It tops my "I don’t want to ride the S.L.U.T." joke about the South Lake Union Transit line.  =)

First Day

First day on the job…
commute – about 35-40 mins (w/o traffic it would probably still be 25 mins)
parking – not too bad (w/in a block)
people – very nice & welcoming
getting up and running – email, internet connectivity and source tree enrollment and even building the site local on my machine… all achieved in 1 day!  unheard of at the big M.  =)
All-in-all, it was cool.  Unlike other changes in jobs, this change comes with a lot of familiar faces, so it’s a nice mix of new & old.
What’s nice about living on the Eastside and working on the Westside is no commute for after-work activities seems inconvenient.  I’m either already there or I have to head there anyways.  For example, I have VNSF meetings 1-3 times a week — half of which are right on Rainier.  That’s probably the best part of the location we’re in — it’s so much more convenient to make it to my mtgs.  I don’t have to battle an hour in traffic.  My volleyball league is down the street from where I live, so it’s right on the way home.  It’s great!
I do have to report one sad thing that happened this weekend… I fried my laptop.  The powersupply overheated and now I can’t even power up my laptop.  It’s a good thing I went through the exercise of transferring everything on the laptop to my new external HD.  I was making frequent props of the VNSF website redesign to our webhosting server, so most of that work is safe.   Probably the most fortunate thing is since I was sick this weekend, I actually did not do much work at all for VNSF, so didn’t really do much work since backing everything up.  The only thing I loss was the interview videos I was splicing up to be subtitled and posted onto YouTube.  It’s a pain to do but it won’t take all that long to replicate.  It just kind of sucks to be laptop-less.  At one point, I had 3 laptops.  I am down to zero.  You’d think it would be liberating, but really, not so much.  For instance, I have to write this blog entry from my office/spare bedroom when I could be doing it in front of the TV.  =)
Speaking of being sick… I’m still feeling not so great… especially after meals.  Not sure what’s going on since I felt fine yesterday.  Hopefully it’s not the precursor to something worse because that would suck.  I used to have an iron stomach… what’s happened?  How am I going to survive Viet Nam if my stomach can’t even hold up to meals here??? 

Unemployment Day 5

To-Do List Count:
   Items at start of day: 26
   Completed items: 5 
   Started items: 6
   Number of items added: 0
Saw Juno tonight.  It was really good.  Stomach not feeling so hot though… hope I’m not getting sick..  =(

Unemployment Day 4

To-Do List Count:
   Items at start of day: 32
   Completed items: 6
   Started items: 6
   Number of items added: 0
My external HD came!!  Yay!  I copied all my photos over from my old laptop and started in on the CD’s.  It’s gonna take a heck of a long time to copy all the CD’s over… my drive is ancient and slow has heck, but it’ll be worth it in the end. 

Unemployment Day 3

To-Do List Count:
   Items at start of day: 39
   Completed items: 11
   Started items: 5
   Number of items added: 4
Lookin’ good!  The major to-do is getting the new VNSF website redesign done and live by the end of the month.  So far, it’s looking good.  The online event registration feature needs to be tested more but all-in-all, most of the content is there and it’s nice and simple.  That’s all we need.  Simple, easy-to-find information.
While it looks like I still have a lot on my list, a lot of them are dependent on other things happening.  Most of the non-VNSF tasks are about cleaning my house… bleh.  I just need to bite the bullet, drop half a day and clean the house head-to-toe.  I did manage to do 3 loads of laundry yesterday.  =)
I wish I could stay unemployed longer.  It’s nice not to have a schedule.  It feels good to just work on VNSF and get so much done.  If only I could win the lottery and be independently wealthy… ah… the American dream…

Unemployment Day 2

To-Do List Count:
   Items at start of day: 44
   Completed items: 8
   Started items: 6
   Number of items added: 3
Hmm… trucking along slowly, but I just need to get past one hurdle and a bunch of items will drop like flies!  =)

Unemployment Day 1

To-Do List Count:
   Items at start of day: 51
   Completed items: 7
   Started items: 4
   Number of items added: 0
Got a lot done today.  The list is daunting but achievable. 
Discovery – Jersey Knit sheets are like sleeping completely ensconced in your favorite t-shirt.

Change is good

I’m UNEMPLOYED!!  And it feels so good!
All last week, I was waiting for it to sink in… for that feeling in my gut that I’ve done something terribly wrong… for the regret… for the panic… for the anxiety of not knowing what’s ahead… for the worry to set in.  It never came – none of it.  It’s a good sign I made the right decision.  I remember how unsatisfied I was with my job for a good 6 mos or so.  It feels amazing to actually do something about it and make a change that I’m sure will ultimately make me much happier.
Now it’s time to tackle my long list of to-do’s during my week off.  With J in Viet Nam, there won’t be anyone around during the day to hang out with so I have no choice but to stick to my to-do list.  =)

Getting my fruits & veggie

Over the weekend, VNSF had an all-day mini-retreat.  My responsibility (food-wise) was breakfast so I made a fresh fruit salad (pinneapple, honey dew, mango, oranges, grapes and strawberr) and fresh baked pastries from Panera Bread.  When you make a fruit salad with so many types of fruit, you end up with a LOT of fruit salad!!  I brought about half of it to the retreat and I’m still making my way through the remaining half.  On top of that, I’ve got 5 mangos I need to eat too.  It’s been slow going… really slow going, but actually kind of nice to have fresh fruit, clean, cut and ready to eat whenever I want!  Maybe I’ll make it a habit to just cut up a bunch of fruit every weekend so I always have it for the week…. NOT!!

Leaving it all behind

I was going through my files at work and I came across the project binder for the best project I’ve ever been on at Microsoft.  I looked at all the hard work that went into it — specs, survey analysis, usability reports, security requirements, art assets, etc.  That binder represented a year and a half of my life and probably the most I’ve grown professionally and personally.  Part of me wanted to laminate every page or wall paper a room with it… something, anything to immortalize it.  Then I realized, it will always be immortalized in me, by the ways I’ve changed and grown as a result of it.  That made it a little easier to gut the binder of its contents, which will eventually get shredded from existance.