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While on vacation, one of the few things I was able to accomplish on my "To-Do" list was to read.  I brought back two books with me — both were sitting on my "to read" pile and both were personal recommendations from friends.  I haphazardly threw in two books the night before my flight out and randomly chose one for my flight. 

The first book was "Middlesex".  This was a recommendation from my former biz partner.  Surprisingly, I was able to actually finish it during my trip.  It meant squeezing in reading time between 12am – 3am which was my only free time what with taking care of the babies, spending time with the family, etc.  It’s a touching and slightly disturbing story about the life of a hermaphadite who was born a girl and at puberty began turning into more of a man than a woman.  Very unusual read but still quite the page-turner.  This isn’t the type of book I would normally choose for myself so I’m glad I got a chance to read something outside my typical interest.

The second book turned out to be "The Golden Compass".  As it turned out while I was in Korea, G recommended this to me.  We were hanging out and stopped by a huge bookstore which had a fairly large selection of English books.  He recommended 2 or 3 books to me and I bought them on the spot.  One was "Slaughterhouse Five", which I read promptly but "The Golden Compass" got set aside until it got randomly thrown into my suitcase.  What’s funny is when I pulled it out after finishing "Middlesex", I read the back cover, which alluded to "armoured bears" and some other stuff that sounded vaguely familiar and I finally realized it was familiar because I had seen the movie already!  It’s funny that I’ve owned this book for over a year now and I saw the movie before I even realized I had the book!  I’m only a couple chapters in but I already feel like they did a bad job casting and costuming the cast in the movie.  That’s Hollywood for you.

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