A glimpse of motherhood

I spent the last week helping my bro & sis out with their new baby (Brandon).  Vincent is only 16 mos and they don’t live super close to a lot of relatives like Jasmine & Kaitlyn’s parents, so I figured they could use the help.
I witnessed first-hand how hard it is to be a parent.  I became addicted to taking an extra few minutes in the shower — the only time you’re really alone and you aren’t expected to react to a baby’s cry.  I felt the pride of teaching a young, impressionable, formative mind something new.  I gained the strength of unannoyed patience having to calm a tantruming baby, catching food being spit out, feeding babies that won’t eat, playing peek-a-boo over and over and over again, and rocking stubborn babies to slumber.  I experienced the heart-warming, room-brightening joy of bringing a smile to a baby’s face.
The brief glimpse I was privy to doesn’t begin to represent the wide spectrum of emotions and experiences it really means to be a parent.  It was enough though for me to know one thing:  I’m tired!

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