Daily Archives: February 8, 2008

Such good fortune

I love my friends.  I have so much to learn from all of them and I’m glad they are so honest with me and so invested in seeing me grow & improve.  My friend came over to hang out and I got a lot of really good blunt advice about needing to improve my communication style to be more effective in a setting where the direct approach might not be as well received.  It’s tough for me because I am so used to being blunt and direct.  Leading but with a subtle hand is quite a good skill to develop.  It takes a bit of patience, lots of finesse, tact and a mysterious word-smithing / conversational magic.  It’s tough.  My mom is so good at it too.  I did not inherit this from her.  I’m just so direct… I put it out there.  I can say things with respect and tact but it’s still direct.  Sometimes you need to be indirect and lead people to the conclusion you’ve already reached but in a way that they feel they got there first.  Tough.  Very tough.