My New Year’s Fortune

Fortune #1:
Gap dduoc dip ddi thi ddi,                  (If you have occasion to go, then go)
gap dip o thi o lai                              (If you have occasion to stay, then stay back)
moi ddieu tu co hanh thong.               (Each choice will be good???)
Neu nhat y se thanh ddac y,              (If you wish for it, it will come true)
cong danh se co ngay tanh ddat.        (You will achieve fame/position someday)
Que nay y noi moi viec ddue co hy vong.   (There’s hope in everything you do.)
Fortune #2 (excerpts)
Phuong dien tai chanh…           (regarding my work/career…)
tien bac kha hon nam roi,         (you’ll make more than you did last year) 
lam it ma huong duoc nhieu      (you’ll work less, but make more)
hau nhu cong viec buon ban      (if you run your own business)
dduoc thanh cong mot tram phan tram  (you’ll profit 100%)
con ddi lam thi chu tang luong   (if you go to work, you’ll get a raise)
Thang 3 va 12 ddac tien bac nhieu (March and December will yield lots of money)
Thang 6 co hoan nan ton tien tai (in June you’ll encounter misfortune and lose money)
Phuong dien tinh cam…            (regarding my love life…)
… nhut ddinh len xe hoa           (you’ll definitely get married)
ve lam dau nha nguoi               (and will be a daughter-in-law to a new family)
dduoc chong hoc gioi                (with a husband who is well-educated)
va co viec lam tot luong cao      (and has a good, high-paying job)
dem lai hanh phuc cho gia dinh  (which will bring good fortune to your family)
Phuong dien suc khoe…            (regarding your health…)
Benh ve mat,                           (you’ll have eye problems)
dau viem sung,                        (you’ll suffer some inflammation)
giai phau nhe                           (???)
There’s lots more but a bit harder for me to understand… then finally:
I’m compatible with those born in the year of the: Rat, Dragon
I’m not compatible with those born in the year of the: Tiger
(My mom’s always told me that Tiger, Snake, Monkey, and Pig should never marry one another. )
Good colors for me:  Blue & Black (good b/c my knees are all bruised from volleyball)
Bad colors for me:    Yellow and White
I have a 3rd fortune but it’s even harder for me to understand.  Will have to work on it a bit.  =)

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