Daily Archives: February 2, 2008


Today was day 1 of Tet in Seattle.  It started off not so hot when Rocky "escaped" while I was loading my car with all the stuff for TIS.  It look forever to lure him back in the house.  I didn’t think I’d be able to since he LOVES going outside and he’s been stuck under house arrest for probably a year now.   At the end of the day, he can’t say no to tasty cat treats! =)  So it was off to Tet in Seattle…
I figured today I would just be helping out here and there.  I had the booth staffed to the gills… at 3-4 volunteers working the booth and then our face painter.  I brought my laptopl, some reading material, etc.  I figured I could hang out, get some work done, maybe help out here or there.  Well, there was none of that!  My face painter for the day bailed, so I ended up having to face painter!  Eeek!!  I dont have to tell you I am no artist.  And kids can be brutally honest.  =)  It was especially scary when the first little girl asks for the butterfly, which is the hardest design!!  Once I got through that one, I was good to go.   My real measure of success was this one girl who brought probably 4 other kids to me… her brother, her friends, even her baby sis.  She brought everyone but her parents! 
The only sad part was, after I was done painting the kids’ face, their parents would tell their kid to thank me.  In the Vietnamese language, there are specific ways to address people depending on how old the other person is relative to you.  All these kids addressed me as "Auntie"… which is kind of equivalent of being called Ma’am.  I feel old.  Especially as I sit here after 10 hrs at TIS… I’m all sore and achy.  And I’ve got another 8 hours tomorrow!
I’m really proud of my committee and my volunteers.  They really pulled through.  The face painting idea was genius because it got a ton of people to our booth.  In one day, we more than doubled what we raised last year!  We haven’t hit our revenue projection yet, but we’ve still got tomorrow.
(Go Patriots!!)