Mom would be proud…

For years I’ve been trying to get my mom & dad to collaborate on a Vietnamese cookbook — mom makes the food, dad takes beautiful pictures of the process and the finished product.  This was not an idea that appealed to either of them… too much work I guess (now you understand where I get my laziness from).  Even the threat that my mom’s cooking skills and delicious recipes would not be passed on to the next generation did nothing to inspire my mom to write down a recipe or two. 
So the last time I went home, I videotaped my mom making her famous egg rolls in an attempt to preserve the legacy of her cooking.  Last night, I decided to try my hand at it.  To appreciate this challenge, you have to understand that my mom does not cook with a recipe or any measuring utensil that equates to anything Food Network chefs use.  She also cooks for an army of people times two because it’s a cardinal sin to not have leftovers after a meal… everyone must be over-satiated and still know that if they wanted there would still be more for them to eat. 
Armed with the ingredients and video footage of my mom as reference, I set out to make some egg rolls!  My mom happened to be preparing what turned out to be 150 egg rolls in the video, so step 1 was figuring out what proportion of ingredients I had in comparison and scale the seasonings accordingly.  My goal was to make about 25 but when all the ingredients came together and I started rolling, it tunred out to be more like 50.   The thought of having to roll 50 eggrolls was tiring and the thought of having to eat 50 eggrolls was also daunting.
As much work as it was (and it was a LOT of work), after about only an hour, I was munching on some yummy eggrolls!!  I ate 5.  The rest (rolled but not cooked) are stashed in my freezer for a rainy day.  It’s kind of nice knowing I can have eggrolls whenever I want now.  =) 
Was it just like mom’s?  It was pretty close actually.  A bit on the salty side, so I’ll have to make some adjustments next time I make them.
Is there now a recipe?  Umm… sort of.  I measured some seasonings but not all.  Plus I need to go back and tweak.  Plus, I didn’t measure how much of each ingredient I put in.  I just eye-balled it… just like mom.  =)

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