I couldn’t sleep last night so I started reading a bunch of books looking for answers, looking for inspiration, looking for something better than the Amy Tan book I can’t seem to finish or really even start.  I finally settled on "Happiness Sold Separately", a book about a married couple who struggles through infertility and infidelity. 
An interesting line stuck with me:  "It seems that the spam filter for their life has broken, and all kinds of junk is pouring through…"
Being an email-aholic, this metaphor really hit home for me.  I’ve never felt that way personally, but I thought it was a great way to describe life when you realize you’ve lost control of it and it’s not what you wanted for yourself.  In the midst of all the junk, it’s hard to see the things that are important, the things you need to pay attention to, the things that are real and genuine.  In life, what serves as your spam filter?  What helps you stay on your path and keeps the "junk" out? 

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