Daily Archives: August 30, 2007


On a whim, my friend and I went parasailing after work today… holy cow it was SO much fun!!  I have to admit, I got a wee bit quesy up in the air, but I kept it in.  =) It was actually more fun than sky-diving believe it or not… maybe because you’re up there with someone and you can talk and enjoy the view and take in the experience together with someone else.   It’s definitely much more relaxing.  You’re up, you sit, you chill out a bit… catch the sunset, the view of the Space Needle, feel the breeze… absolutely amazing.  And then you’re down again before you know it.  The wind gets a bit choppy up there which makes for a little excitement, but otherwise, it’s a smooth ride.  The roughest parts are the take off and landing.  I think that was the scariest aspect of the whole thing for me.  The landing especially because they reel you back in at an alarming pace and all of a sudden you’re on the deck of the boat just like that!  It was crazy fun and I’m so glad I did it.  Thanks, J!  =)