I Love Volleyball!!

I have never played so much volleyball in my life!  I love summer in seattle!
Monday was my league game on Alki Beach.  We played not so great and loss (mainly b/c we couldn’t control our passes in the wind).  But we hung around to play for another couple of hours
Thurday we play for 4-5 hours on the campus sand courts.  So much fun!  It amazes me that there’s always people on the courts ready to play.  I love it!
Friday – another 4-5 hours!  This was to practice for the company picnic tournament my coworkers and I were in but not everyone was there and some folks bagged early.  So it was me and our usual vball crew plus some random strangers from the company.  The last game was amazing!  We played against this one team that was pretty good.  I think we were all pretty spent — towards the end, we were all saying, "ok, one last game".  After our 2nd "last game" (and our second loss), we really play our last game.  It was pretty competitive and ended in an amazing final point.  We dug kill after kill and they dug kill after kill.  Everyone ran down shanked balls, digs, etc.  I think everyone touched the ball on that last point.  I don’t know where it came from, but we pulled out a victory!!  We were so happy, we were jumping up and down hugging each other.  Amazing how something like that could make strangers bond just like that!
Saturday – yet another 4-5 hours!  This was the big company picnic we’ve been prepping for.  Though some would argue playing fiften hours or so of vball in the same week isn’t a good way to prep for a tourney.  =)  In any case, it was more or less my same team from last year (returning champs!).  We look up which bracket we’re in and holy cow were we suprised to find we were in the top of the four brackets playing that day!  We figured we were really in deep this time!  But we rallied together and our guys were pretty darn amazing!  They were in top form!  It was amazing that we communicated and jelled so well!  My own volleyball team, which has been playing for 2 seasons now is only now getting at that point of constant communication.   It feels great to play well.. have fun… and, yes, WIN!!  Champions two years running!  Yeah baby!!

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