Babies babies babies

I’ve been in Virginia for a good 2 weeks now… most of the time I’ve been babysitting Vincent.  He’s a colicky 2 month old, so it’s tough for his mom.  She hardly gets any sleep.  My way of helping is by sleeping through the night-time crying and then waking up refreshed.  =D  I try to take care of the baby in the morning so my sister can get a couple hours of sleep and a decent shower.  Vincent isn’t bad in the mornings… just needs a little consoling when he’s gassy (yes, babies have gas… especially colicky ones.  and it’s painful for them to pass their gas… so sad for them).  Otherwise, he’s a cutie — playful when he’s up (whichis only for 10 mins at a time if that) and sleeping most the rest of the time. 
I unfortunately didn’t get as much time w/ Jasmine this time around.  Hopefully I’ll squeeze in a couple babysitting days before I leave to get some quality time in with her.  She was wailing one day when her parents dropped her off and I was the only one who could calm her.  The second I passed her off she’d start wailing again.  She loves me. =D  I miss her.
Christmas and New Years were fun this year with the babies.  Jasmine participated by helping everyone open gifts.  Vincent slept through the whole thing.  It’s fun seeing the two babie interact.  When one cries, it sets the other one off.  I read somewhere that babies can sense the distress of other crying babies and they cry empathetically along.  The only time this doesn’t happen is when Jazzy causes Vinny to cry (like whacking him or pinching him)… she’s a big bully. 

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