Just got back from nova where I visited with my newborn nephew — Vincent and my 4 month niece — Jasmine.  They could not be any cuter!  However, there was something about me that seemed to bore them b/c on my last day with them, neither seemed able to keep their eyes open.  I’m already the boring aunt… how can that be?  =)  There’s nothing like your niece falling asleep on your shoulder or your nephew sleeping through you jostling him around just to get in some final pictures before you leave town.
Xmas this year will be fun.  I’m home for 2.5 weeks and I get to play w/ the little munchkins the entire time!  Little Jasmine will get to play with her baby cousin.  I was able to escape diaper changing duties this time around, but something tells me I won’t be able to in December unless Vincent’s mom is willing to change both babies diapers.  =)

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