Monthly Archives: June 2005

Tis the season for getting married…

I know so many people getting married in the next few months:

2 co-workers
2 friends
1 friend of a friend
1 family member

And I’ll be a bridesmaid in two of those weddings.  I actually enjoy being a bridesmaid.  You get to be in lots of the pictures.  You’re right at the center of things.  And you generally have the best seat in the house.  Beats being a guest in the back row. 

Rocky’s not a kitty anymore…

Rocky hit the big 1-year bday just a couple days ago.  At least, that’s the date I chose for his birthday.  July 17th will be the first anniversary of when I brought him home.  I was looking at old digital movies I took of Rocky when he was a little kitty cat… he was so tiny compared to the 12-pounder he is today!  =)